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Customer Reviews – Michael Peterson of Sonco Pools and Spas greater Chicago IL

Customer Reviews Michael Peterson of Sonco Pools and Spas Rockford IL

Hi there, my name is Mike Peterson with Sonco Pools and Spas in Rockford, Illinois and we choose Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools because the swimming pools we receive from Barrier Reef are really well built and we really like to do business with the Barrier Reef team of professionals. One of the biggest benefits to us is their culture. We really love their culture, manufacturing process and that they go out of their way to make themselves accessible when we need them.
fiberglass pools video review by mike peterson
Sonco Pools and Spas Rockford IL
Mike Peterson with Sonco Pools and Spas in Rockford, Illinois holding Masters of Design award for pool design & installation
This year our team had the honor of winning the Masters of Design award for one of our pool design and installation projects. Barrier Reef supplied us with the Whitsunday swimming pool that won the Masters of Design award. This was a proud moment for our team and demonstrates the work we can do with fiberglass pools. We recommend Barrier Reef to all of our clients and my customers can choose Barrier Reef Pools with confidence. The Barrier product line offers so many different sizes and shapes and their always very innovative with their product design. Their pools offer innovative design features like loungers, step designs, benches and more. In the Rockford and greater Chicago region we install a lot of automatic cover systems, which most customers seem to want these days. Barrier Reef pools are perfectly designed and work really well with automatic covers. The Barrier Reef product line also offers free form designs which our customers like as additional options to choose from. Some customers are looking for more natural looking designs and these pools fit that mold. Our team has worked with many different pool products and manufacturers and out of all the manufactures we have worked with in the past we believe that Barrier Reef offers the best product. We also believe that Barrier Reef USA has the best culture of any other manufacturer in the business. So, I’m giving my endorsement to a great company to do business with. If you’re looking for an inground pool manufacturer that can supply you with a fiberglass pool, you can definitely choose Barrier Reef Fiberglas Pools with confidence. – Mike Peterson At Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools, we have the processes in place to build the best fiberglass pools in the world. We manufacture our pools in South Carolina and we pay great attention to detail in every pool that we make. This is important to us because we want to sell the best products while creating the right manufacturing atmosphere to accomplish this. Our culture is important to us at Barrier Reef. It’s for this reason that we go above and beyond for our dealers and their customer’s. For decades dealers across the country have trusted our brand to deliver the best pools to their customer’s. For more information about our pools or to have a dealer contact you please contact us today.


Dealer Testimonial – Jason Kerner of Backyard Escapes by Kerner Pools and Spas

Dealer Testimonial – Jason Kerner of Backyard Escapes by Kerner Pools and Spas

fiberglass pool video review by jason kerner
fiberglass pools video review by jason kerner
backyard escapes by kerner pool & spas sign
I would like to tell you a little about why we install Barrier Reef fiberglass pools. Over the last decade we have installed several different brands of fiberglass pools and in the last five years we have been installing Barrier Reef pools. We made the switch and have successfully installed many Barrier Reef pools. There are three main reasons why we choose to install these fiberglass swimming pools. Our customers love these pools because of the array of colors and the models they can choose from. Barrier Reef has a great product line. My customers and our team enjoy working with the Barrier Reef team and the great customer service and support that we get from them. I’m up in North Dakota, the pools travel a long way and we need a strong pool that can withstand the travel and the frost that we get deep in the ground. We have not had issues with Barrier Reef pools. I highly recommend Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools and I will continue to sell them. At Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools, we have the processes in place to build the best fiberglass pools in the world. We manufacture our pools in South Carolina and we pay great attention to detail in every pool that we make. This is important to us because we want to sell the best products while creating the right manufacturing atmosphere to accomplish this. Culture is important to us at Barrier Reef. It’s for this reason that we go above and beyond for our dealers and their customer’s. For decades dealers across the country have trusted our brand to deliver the best pools to their customer’s and we have.


Fiberglass Pools USA a message from Tony Walton for 2019

Fiberglass Pools USA a message from Tony Walton for 2019

Hi folks, Tony Walton here from Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools USA. We are here live at this year’s Pool and Spa Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are here showing off our great line of fiberglass swimming pools. We have a great selection of sizes and models that are perfect for any backyard.
2019 is just around the corner and 2018 was a fantastic year for Barrier Reef. We have some great new models coming out for 2019. One of them is a great pool we just built, it’s a 40-footer – 8 foot 6 inches deep, it’s called the Whitsunday Deep. This is our deepest pool to date that has many great features. It has a great swimming area and lane with a large walk-in entry. The pool has four entry/exit points from the classic Whitsunday 40 model and I guarantee you’re going to love this pool. We also have our Dundee series, yes, the Dundee from down under. We have made this pool with four entry points, plenty of seating and our standard safety ledge. Our Dundee Lounger model has a nice tanning ledge that you can lounge around in, while enjoying your outdoor surroundings. We also have the new cube lounging ledge. With the cube lounger you can put it anywhere around the pool, and it fits perfectly with any of our pool models. The cube ledge has ten inches of water in it, you can lay around in it and have a great time soaking up the sun. To learn more about our pools please visit our website and explore the possibilities that await you, when you have a Barrier Reef pool installed at your home.

Why Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools are the best pools when compared to other brands in the marketplace

Today we dive into the difference between Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools and other brands in the marketplace.

Video Transcript | Length ~ 9 minutes

It's Mike Peterson, with Barrier Reef Pools. We're here at the Midwest distribution center, up in Rockford Illinois, and I thought I'd take a moment to explain the difference between Barrier Reef fiberglass swimming pools, and some of the other brands out there in the industry today.

Consumers are looking for the best possible pool that they can buy, because obviously when they add a swimming pool to their life, they don't plan on replacing it any time soon. At Barrier Reef one of the biggest things that sets us apart is our culture, and most manufacturers in the industry today are purchasing raw materials from the same suppliers. So today, from the difference from one manufacturer to another, has to do with how we use these raw materials, and how these raw materials are selected, to make sure that they're the best possible products for you, the user.

As we're talking about the construction of fiberglass pools, I want to take a moment and share with you the differences between a fiberglass swimming pool, and fiberglass technologies for the boating and yachting industry. They're totally different. Sometimes pool manufacturers refer to the boating industry in how their swimming pools are made. At Barrier Reef, we believe that the two disciplines are completely different.

Now, let's take a moment and examine the boating industry and how that's different. The marine industry is looking to build the boat as light as possible. Obviously you want your boat to go fast, so the engine size is very dependent on the weight of the boat. The boat also has to be very flexible, because as you're in the waves, and you're crashing through the waves, you actually want the material to absorb some of that energy. Using the woven Rovin method, and making the boat thinner and lighter, completely makes sense in the marine industry. We just don't believe we want our walls of the swimming pool to be like a boat, in that we don't want that flexibility.

The swimming pool in the ground is subject to some movement, especially if you're in a freeze-thaw cycle type of climate, but that's very minimal when compared to a boat or a yacht. Imagine a powerboat racing offshore with 2,000 horsepower going a hundred miles an hour. The pounding that the hull has to take is entirely different than what the swimming pool is subjected to.

When we're building your Barrier Reef pool, we know that it's not going to be moving in the ocean at a hundred miles an hour. We just want to make sure that it's going to stay solid, it's never going to bow or move in the ground. Therefore the Chop method of construction is much better because it gives us the thickness that we need to ensure that the swimming pool is not going to move.

The material that you're most concerned with as a consumer obviously is how the pool looks. That is called the gel coat layer, which is the colored layer, or in some cases is still actually white. The gel coat has metal flakes in it in some cases. Some manufacturers choose to have various colors in the actual shell itself. At Barrier Reef it's just part of our culture to buy the best possible gel coat that we can.

Now what makes a gel coat better than another? Normally it's its resilience to things like fading, its UV resistance, its resistance of chemicals, chlorine, things like that. So at Barrier Reef, we choose the most advanced gel coat available to us in the industry today. We never compromise on this critical component of your swimming pool.

After thousands of pools being placed in the ground here at Barrier Reef, we've found that the best possible recipe for your fiberglass pool is to make the structure as robust as possible. Now, what does that mean? How does a pool become more robust? Our pools at Barrier Reef are much heavier, and much thicker than any other brand on the market. There's many, many benefits to that - to the owner - there's benefits also to the installer of your new swimming pool.

I want you to think about the forces of your fiberglass swimming pool that are working against it. A fiberglass pool in a sense is a retaining wall. It's having to retain everything behind it. Those forces are trying to push the pool in. Obviously we have water inside the pool that's pushing it out, but the best possible mix that we can get is to build a very, very strong swimming pool. A very heavy and robust swimming pool. So one of the things that our dealers will notice with Barrier Reef, or should I say maybe installers, is when they receive their first pool they can't believe how heavy it is. In fact, sometimes they actually need to use heavier equipment than normal to put the pool on the ground.

The reason why our pools are so heavy, is because we use a very, very thick layer of chopped fiberglass, and you're gonna hear the word chopped fiberglass from me because it is the way that we believe that the swimming pool should be constructed. The advantage of this is that when the installer is handling your pool with the crane, when they're putting it in the ground, the wall is not very flexible. The pool is very rigid. It goes into the ground, and it's very solid. This also is important as the pool ages, because ground pressures can't cause a Barrier Reef pool to bulge, like some manufacturers that make a thinner pool.

When comparing different types of construction, you're gonna notice a difference in some manufacturers that are utilizing instead of using a chop material on the swimming pools, they're utilizing a fabric, which is an actual woven Rovin, or should I say maybe a fiberglass matting, as the structure of the swimming pool. Now what the difference in theory is, is that this material is extremely strong. It's, it's like a web of fiberglass. But what we find is, is that it would be great, for let's say stopping a bullet on a bulletproof vest or something, because it's almost like a safety net, but what it doesn't do is it doesn't give us any structural rigidity on the swimming pool. The swimming pool has a lot of flex.

Now let's compare if we were using a woven Rovin product, this would be laid on the actual mold, and then the resin would be shot across it with a gun. The problem that we have with this, is is that we can actually create a situation where we have what's called resin richness - where we actually have too much resin pooling on the actual fiberglass matting. This can actually cause a problem with the pool as it ages, and is not the ideal way to get the perfect mix, or a perfect ratio of fiberglass and resin. Whereas at Barrier Reef, what we do is we choose to shoot the fiberglass strands which really look like almost like, like fishing line. This is actual fiberglass strands. We choose to shoot this out of a specialty gun, and that specialty gun actually chops the fiberglass into strands.

The advantage of building the pool this way, is that you have the strength of the fiberglass being put on with many, many different angles. Many, many different angles, gives you more strength in the actual swimming pool, then let's just say a cross pattern, like this, which is more like a fabric.

A gun very much like this is being used to add layers to your swimming pool. One of the advantages of building the pool with a chopped gun is that as we're adding layers we get a perfect ratio between the resins and the fiberglass. This ensures that the resin saturates equally into the fiberglass, and gives us the best composite structure. At Barrier Reef, our culture is to build the best possible swimming pool that we can, which is why we add more fiberglass, more resin, and make the pool heavier, and it's a much better structure over time.

Fiberglass swimming pools vs Gunite concrete swimming pools

Fiberglass VS Gunite In-ground Swimming Pools

Modern swimming pools come in a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes. When choosing among them it will be necessary to choose the material the pool is made of. While there are many choices, two common types are fiberglass and Gunite made pools.
fiberglass pools vs concrete pools
fiberglass pools vs gunite pools
fiberglass pools vs gunite cost fiberglass pools for sale

Here Are 5 Reasons To Choose A Fiberglass Pool VS A Gunite Made Pool:

1. How Much Does It Cost

The pool price will be contingent on shape, size, features and other factors. When comparing the two, of equal size and features, our fiberglass pools will generally have a lower cost entry point as well as less cost over the life of the pool for maintenance and other services.

2. How Long Does It Take To Install

A Gunite pool takes considerably more work and will take much longer to complete the installation process. Gunite pools are built one at a time at the project site and in some cases a project started in late spring or early summer may not be ready for swimming until the next swim season. On the other hand, a fiberglass pool of the same size and dimensions could be finished in as little as two to four weeks. We manufacture the best pools at our plant in South Carolina and deliver them to your home ready to be installed. This means your family could be ready for family fun in the pool this season.

3. Which Lasts Longer?

Concrete pools are more maintenance intensive due to their needing to be resurfaced every seven to ten years. This takes time away from your active pool season and can be a costly project to boot. Fiberglass pools will not require resurfacing but may require some buffing of scratches.

4. What Designs Are Available?

Our fiberglass pools come in free form, rectangular, kidney, other classic shapes and spas for just about any swimming pool project. Our models are built with integrated features such as entry stairs, lounging ledges, seating benches and more. With a Gunite pool each feature must be custom built which takes time and more money.

5. Am I Protected By A Warranty?

In most cases a homeowner will only ever purchase one pool in their lifetime. This means that the pool project you purchase should be one that’s the best fit for you and that provides years of fun and relaxation. Our fiberglass pools come with a comprehensive warranty to ensure your pool was built to last. A standard Gunite pool project will not have a warranty.

Cons Of Choosing A Gunite Or Concrete Pool

  • The first downside of choosing a concrete pool is the time it will take to install. It can literally take months to complete this project.
  • All things being equal, a Gunite pool will cost more to install, take longer and require expensive maintenance over the life of the pool.
  • Children and adults often find that when swimming to the bottom of the pool the concrete is abrasive and uncomfortable. Pools should be fun and having such a situation is just the opposite.
  • Gunite and other concrete pools tend to harbor certain forms of bacteria which means more chemicals to keep the water within safe swimming levels.
  • Gunite and other concrete pools will need to be replastered. Over time a Gunite pool will begin to chip and crack, which can lead to unsafe conditions.
Increasingly, fiberglass pools are becoming more popular in the American market. Simplicity in the product, purchase and installation have been the keys to our success. By offering the highest quality manufacturing and design processes, excellent warranties and simply the best products we can ensure our customers have plenty of options and choices for their pool project when compared to a Gunite pool purchase. When it comes to choosing a fiberglass vs a Gunite pool the choice should be easy. Our swimming pools are beautiful, fun, easier to maintain, comfortable and come with a comprehensive warranty. Contact us today and learn how our Barrier Reef fiberglass pools can be a perfect fit for you.


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