The Outback
Fiberglass Pool Model

The Outback fiberglass pool is one of our most popular models because of its rectangular design and versatile features. We have three models, and the Outback comes in one of six different color options. The newest addition to the Outback lineup is the Outback Lounger. The traditional Outback model line includes the 30- and 23-foot versions. The Outback Lounger, which features a lounging ledge, comes in one size, 30-foot.

The Outback Lounger 14’ Wide fiberglass pool features a rectangular style and includes a large tanning ledge as well as seats and swim outs, plus a safety ledge around the pool perimeter. A wide swim lane offers plenty of room to relax and enjoy the water. Available in six different color options.

As part of the Australian interior, the Australian Outback provides a sense of freedom you never thought possible. Enjoy the open layout of our Outback design and create a sense of freedom in your own backyard.


  • Wide swim lane
  • Safety ledge around the perimeter of the pool
  • Deep end seat and swim outs
  • Lounger models available
Outback Fiberglass Pool Model


  • Length 30' - 23'
  • Width 11' 3" - 11' 3"
  • Shallow 3' 6" - 3' 6"
  • Deep 5' 3" - 5'
Outback Lounger Fiberglass Pool Model


  • Length 30'
  • Width 11' 3"
  • Shallow 4' 3"
  • Deep 4' 3"
  • Lounger 6' x 11'3"


  • Length 30'
  • Width 14'
  • Deep 4' 3" Flat Bottom

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