40th Anniversary

Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools USA: Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence

This year marks a monumental milestone for Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools, as we proudly celebrate our 40th anniversary. From humble beginnings to becoming a global leader in the fiberglass swimming pool manufacturing industry, our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

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fiberglass pool shell

Thickness of Fiberglass Pool Shells: Why It Matters

The thickness of a fiberglass pool shell directly affects the swimming pool’s strength and longevity.
Properly supported pool shell walls will withstand external stress for the duration of the life of the pool.
Proper thickness of any given section of a fiberglass pool shell depends on various factors like the pool’s shape, size, and structural requirements set by the pool designer.

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pool automation

Pool Automation: Smart Pool Controls for Mobile Devices

Why bother with smartphone control for your pool? Well, aside from the sheer cool factor of managing your pool installation effortlessly with a few taps on your phone, these devices bring unmatched efficiency and ease to your pool maintenance routine. But there’s more to this story, and more to learn if you’re aiming for the perfect pool automation experience.

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Your fiberglass pool

Tips For Extending the Life of Your Fiberglass Pool

To ensure the maximum lifespan of your fiberglass pool, responsible ownership is key. Regularly clean the pool, balance the water chemistry, and keep your eye out for any signs of wear, such as discoloration (as stated in our warranty).  When cleaning the pool shell surface, avoid using rough cleaning tools and keep water levels consistent. Most importantly, follow manufacturer guidelines and arrange to have the pool professionally inspected on a regular schedule.

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soil types

Fiberglass Pool Installation – Backfill and Soil Types

Backfill and soil types play a pivotal role in ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of your fiberglass swimming pool, and the success of your pool installation hinges on getting this fundamental step right. There are different requirements and concerns associated with different backfill and soil types, and having a thorough understanding of what those are can save you time, money, and potential headaches down the road.

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swimming pool cover

Pool Covers: Vinyl vs Automatic – Comparisons

When it comes to making a choice between an automatic or a vinyl pool cover, it will ultimately depend on your specific needs. Automatic covers are convenient and offer excellent safety by covering the pool with a sturdy material at the push of a button. On the other hand, vinyl covers are more budget-friendly while still providing a barrier against debris and evaporation.

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pool safety

Childproofing Your Pool: Keeping Children Safe In and Out of the Water

If you have a swimming pool and kids at home, ensuring their safety around the pool area becomes a top priority. We all want our children to have a fun and enjoyable time in the water while being safe at the same time. So, how can you make your swimming pool and its surroundings safe for children? Supervision is crucial! Always keep a watchful eye on children near the pool. Installing proper pool barriers, like a four-sided fence with a self-closing gate, can reduce the risk of accidental drowning significantly. Additionally, ensure your pool has compliant drain covers to prevent entrapment hazards.

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deep end pools

Deep End Pools: Things To Know

If you’re considering getting a swimming pool, you might be wondering whether a deep end pool is the right choice for you. Deep end pools offer greater depth and a wider, more dynamic array of potential swimming pool activities, but they can also require a bit more maintenance and may limit swim space for inexperienced swimmers.

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