Our Milano fiberglass pool is a popular example of a Roman-shaped pool, a classical design for in-ground pools. A Roman pool is typically rectangular along its sides with a semi-circle at one or both ends. The semi-circles provide the perfect place to add steps for attractive and convenient entry. Some Roman end pools also serve as swim-up seating spots. Generally, the shallow end of a Roman pool has the entry steps, and the deeper end features a swim-up spot.

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Aquamarine Shimmer

The Milano Fiberglass Pool Model The Milano fiberglass pool is a very popular and trendy pool for smaller backyards. Many people have chosen the Milano because of its classical Roman design and…

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What is a Roman Shaped Pool?

A Roman shaped pool refers to a swimming pool designed with the distinctive geometry of ancient Roman architecture. Characterized by its rectangular shape with rounded edges, this style mirrors the classic Roman bathhouses. The rounded ends soften the overall look, providing a more organic and visually appealing design. A Roman shaped pool offers a perfect balance between formality and relaxation, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a pool that seamlessly integrates with both contemporary and traditional outdoor settings.

Benefits of a Roman Style Pool  

A Roman style pool exudes timeless elegance and architectural grandeur, drawing inspiration from the ancient Roman baths. Typically characterized by symmetrical shapes, classical columns, and intricate tile patterns, these pools create a sophisticated ambiance. The design often includes steps leading into the water, providing a gradual entrance reminiscent of historic Roman bathing rituals. With its blend of historical charm and modern luxury, a Roman style pool transforms any backyard into a captivating retreat, offering a taste of ancient opulence.

Why Own a Roman Style Swimming Pool? 

A Roman style swimming pool combines the luxurious experience of a modern pool with the grace and sophistication of ancient Roman design. Featuring elements such as classical columns, intricate mosaic tiles, and gently sloping entrances, these pools evoke the ambiance of historic Roman baths. The symmetrical layout and attention to detail make a Roman style swimming pool a statement of opulence in any outdoor setting. Whether for relaxation, exercise, or entertainment, these pools offer a unique and visually stunning aquatic experience, bringing a touch of the eternal city to your backyard oasis.

Barrier Reef Roman Pool | The Perfect Addition to Any Home

Barrier Reef’s sleek selection of roman pools are designed to seamlessly blend into the design of any property, regardless of its size or style. With space optimization at the core of our design philosophy, even small backyards can be transformed into a luxurious relaxation zone. 


Roman End Pool Shape Advantages 

A Roman end pool is a delightful choice for those who appreciate the aesthetic harmony of ancient design while enjoying the modern comforts of a well-designed swimming pool.

Characterized by one or both ends of the pool having a semi-circular or rounded shape, this design pays homage to the classical Roman architectural influence, adding a touch of grace to the pool’s structure.

The rounded end often serves as a focal point, creating a sense of symmetry and providing a comfortable space for lounging. 

Roman style inground swimming pools have several benefits: 

  • Timeless Elegance: A Roman style pool adds a touch of timeless elegance to your outdoor space. The classic design, inspired by ancient Roman architecture, creates a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere that enhances the overall aesthetics of your property.
  • Versatile Design: The symmetrical and well-balanced design of a Roman style pool complements various landscaping themes and architectural styles. Whether your home has a modern or traditional look, the Roman style seamlessly integrates, adding a focal point of beauty to your backyard.
  • Comfortable Entry: The gradual entry of a Roman style pool, often featuring wide steps or a sloping entrance, provides a comfortable and safe way to access the water. This is especially beneficial for individuals with mobility concerns or families with young children, offering an easy and enjoyable entry into the pool.
  • Relaxation Spaces: The rounded ends and strategically placed steps of a Roman style pool create additional spaces for relaxation. These areas can be used for lounging, socializing, or enjoying the water without fully submerging, adding versatility to the pool’s functionality.
  • Architectural Focal Point: A Roman style pool serves as a striking architectural focal point in your backyard. The symmetrical lines, often accompanied by classical columns and intricate tile work, draw attention and become a central element of your outdoor design, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal of your property.
  • Increased Property Value: The addition of a well-designed Roman style inground pool can enhance the resale value of your home. Potential buyers often find the classic and enduring charm of a Roman pool appealing, making it a valuable investment in both your lifestyle and property value.
  • Low Maintenance Options: Opting for a Roman style fiberglass pool can offer the benefits of low maintenance. Fiberglass surfaces are smooth, inhibiting algae growth and reducing the effort required for cleaning. This allows homeowners to spend more time enjoying their pool rather than maintaining it.
  • Customization Possibilities: Roman style pools can be customized to suit individual preferences. Whether you prefer a specific tile pattern, lighting effects, or additional water features, the design flexibility allows you to create a pool that reflects your personal style and preferences.


How Much Does a Fiberglass Roman Pool Cost?

The roman style fiberglass pool cost can vary based on a range of factors, including size, features, labor costs, and customization options. However, roman style pool shapes provide the benefits of increased property value, timeless elegance, and comfortable entry.

At Barrier Reef, we strive to make our roman pools an affordable luxury, helping our customers create a resort-like experience right in their own backyards.


Is a Roman Style Fiberglass Pool right for you?

If you are a homeowner that seeks to enjoy the benefits of a low-maintenance pool without compromising on the elegance and sophistication that a Roman style pool affords, a roman style fiberglass pool may be right for you. 

Roman style fiberglass pools bring together the durability and ease of maintenance associated with fiberglass construction and the timeless aesthetic of Roman design. These pools feature smooth, non-porous surfaces that resist algae growth and make cleaning a breeze. The fiberglass material also allows for flexibility in creating various Roman-inspired shapes and detailing. 

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