A plunge pool from Barrier Reef can provide the perfect spot to wade, relax, and cool off. Smaller than a regular pool, a plunge pool typically costs less to build and is easier to maintain.

Barrier Reef fiberglass plunge pools use only a small amount of space so they can easily fit into a landscape design on small properties. A plunge pool is all about leisure and relaxation therapy, adding a bit of luxury to your outdoor living area. It can be a backyard escape, swim spa, or fitness pool. Our Outback Escape model features a wide swim lane and optional swim jets ready to provide a daily workout just outside your home.

How deep is a plunge pool? Depths can range from about 5 feet to 7 feet. Their width can vary.

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Outback Escape
Ocean Shimmer

The Outback Escape Fiberglass Pool Model The Outback Escape is a versatile fiberglass pool model with a smaller footprint that can be used as a plunge pool, a swim spa, or a fitness pool. The,…

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