Fiberglass swimming pools vs Gunite concrete swimming pools

Fiberglass VS Gunite In-ground Swimming Pools

Modern swimming pools come in a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes. When choosing among them it will be necessary to choose the material the pool is made of. While there are many choices, two common types are fiberglass and Gunite made pools.
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Here Are 5 Reasons To Choose A Fiberglass Pool VS A Gunite Made Pool:

1. How Much Does It Cost

The pool price will be contingent on shape, size, features and other factors. When comparing the two, of equal size and features, our fiberglass pools will generally have a lower cost entry point as well as less cost over the life of the pool for maintenance and other services.

2. How Long Does It Take To Install

A Gunite pool takes considerably more work and will take much longer to complete the installation process. Gunite pools are built one at a time at the project site and in some cases a project started in late spring or early summer may not be ready for swimming until the next swim season. On the other hand, a fiberglass pool of the same size and dimensions could be finished in as little as two to four weeks. We manufacture the best pools at our plant in South Carolina and deliver them to your home ready to be installed. This means your family could be ready for family fun in the pool this season.

3. Which Lasts Longer?

Concrete pools are more maintenance intensive due to their needing to be resurfaced every seven to ten years. This takes time away from your active pool season and can be a costly project to boot. Fiberglass pools will not require resurfacing but may require some buffing of scratches.

4. What Designs Are Available?

Our fiberglass pools come in free form, rectangular, kidney, other classic shapes and spas for just about any swimming pool project. Our models are built with integrated features such as entry stairs, lounging ledges, seating benches and more. With a Gunite pool each feature must be custom built which takes time and more money.

5. Am I Protected By A Warranty?

In most cases a homeowner will only ever purchase one pool in their lifetime. This means that the pool project you purchase should be one that’s the best fit for you and that provides years of fun and relaxation. Our fiberglass pools come with a comprehensive warranty to ensure your pool was built to last. A standard Gunite pool project will not have a warranty.

Cons Of Choosing A Gunite Or Concrete Pool

  • The first downside of choosing a concrete pool is the time it will take to install. It can literally take months to complete this project.
  • All things being equal, a Gunite pool will cost more to install, take longer and require expensive maintenance over the life of the pool.
  • Children and adults often find that when swimming to the bottom of the pool the concrete is abrasive and uncomfortable. Pools should be fun and having such a situation is just the opposite.
  • Gunite and other concrete pools tend to harbor certain forms of bacteria which means more chemicals to keep the water within safe swimming levels.
  • Gunite and other concrete pools will need to be replastered. Over time a Gunite pool will begin to chip and crack, which can lead to unsafe conditions.
Increasingly, fiberglass pools are becoming more popular in the American market. Simplicity in the product, purchase and installation have been the keys to our success. By offering the highest quality manufacturing and design processes, excellent warranties and simply the best products we can ensure our customers have plenty of options and choices for their pool project when compared to a Gunite pool purchase. When it comes to choosing a fiberglass vs a Gunite pool the choice should be easy. Our swimming pools are beautiful, fun, easier to maintain, comfortable and come with a comprehensive warranty. Contact us today and learn how our Barrier Reef fiberglass pools can be a perfect fit for you.