Video - Installing a Pool in rough soil types || Fiberglass Pools

Blackland? Rocky Terrain? Sandy? No Problem.


Ross Moore | Owner Red River Outdoor Living & Landscapes - Maybe you've been told by other pool builders that they can't put a pool in because you've got black land, or you've got rock, or your slope is too much, or countless other reasons they may have given you for not being able to put a pool in, or not guaranteeing their work on putting that pool in. Well we've got a solution for you - the Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools. They go in anywhere. As you can see today, we're in southeast Oklahoma, we're on a very sloping site, this is a very rocky site. We're in the heart of timber country here. A lot of trees, a lot of slope, and a lot of rock. We'll show you the pool we put in here today. This is a Barrier Reef Billabong 27 pool. As with all the Barrier Reef pools - lifetime structural warranty on this pool, no matter your soil type, no matter your slope, no matter your terrain, no matter your location. That's the great thing about the fiberglass Barrier Reef pools. If you've got black lands, these pools withstand that. The drainage system that we put around those, is able to mitigate that movement - movement the black land. If you've got sandy soil, the drainage system and the engineering that goes into this pool, and the installation system is able to mitigate that. We've got some detailed videos on that about the full construction, day one through six on our YouTube channel, check those out if you want to see individual detail shots on those. But the answer is yes, we can put a pool in at your house, no matter your location, no matter your terrain or soil type - black land, sand, red gumbo clay, rock, it doesn't matter, there's a way to do it, and we've got that way. So give us a call at Red River Pools at 903-739-2365.