Video - Doug Atkins, Care Free Pools on My Southern Home with Kimberly Greenwell

Doug Atkins with Care Free Pools talks to Kimberly Greenwell about what goes into creating the perfect outdoor living area on this segment of "My Southern Home".


Kimberly Greenwell | My Southern Home - We are back with more My Southern Home, and I'm here at Doug Atkins with Carefree Pools, and Doug one of the things that you guys specialize in is beautiful pools like the one behind us.

Doug Atkins | Care Free Pools & Creative Concrete Solutions - Yes we specialize in fiberglass pools. We're middle Tennessee's dealer for Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools. Barrier Reef is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, most durable fiberglass shells in the market. We offer 25 different models of pools in different colors, different shapes, different sizes. Well we have you know normal sport pools, we have diving pools, we have tanning ledges, we have seat benches, pretty much anything for - for anyone's tastes.

Kimberly - In any space as well, because we're in a smaller footprint right now, so this is a good example that you don't have to have a huge backyard to have a beautiful outdoor living area.

Doug - Sure, yeah. The first thing we do is we meet with the customer, look at the size of the backyard, look at what their needs are, and then we design their whole entire backyard to fit the pool inside the space that we need to.

Kimberly - So Doug, when it comes to fiberglass shells, which is what you use, what's the difference between the brand you use, and what other companies provide.

Doug - Sure, yeah. Not all fiberglass pools are created equally, and that starts in the manufacturing process. We chose Barrier Reef because of the durability in the strength, and the lifetime structural warranty that they offer. And you can see from these two samples the difference in the thickness, which relates to - to strength of the fiberglass shell. And as you can see, Barrier Reef is almost double the thickness of our leading competitor, and again that's going to translate to strength and durability of the shell.

Kimberly - And so why is that important to the consumer?

Doug - The consumer is gonna want a product that's gonna last for a lifetime, and we feel like with Barrier Reef they're gonna get that.

Kimberly - So you hold their hand from start to finish on the design.

Doug - We do, yeah. We bring them into the office, we find out what features they're looking for, what size their back yard is, figure out what outdoor living that they're looking for, potential water features, if they want a spa, just to really figure out what they're looking for in their backyard.

Kimberly - And they should probably do some homework in advance before coming to see you, so that they have an idea of how many people that they want to fit in that space, and the types of activities they want to do in their outdoor living area.

Doug - Right, yeah. We like to have a direction when they come in to - for them to tell us what they're looking for, as far as how they want to use the pool, is it more sport, is it diving, how they wanna utilize their backyard, if they just want something relaxing, or if they want to have a large gathering, you know all those things are important in helping us design their backyard.

Kimberly - And you're a one-stop shop with those designs, because you have a concrete company as well, that did the beautiful stamping here at the pool that we're at right now.

Doug - Yes, yeah. I think we're fortunate and it helps separate us from other pool contractors in that I also own Creative Concrete Solutions. We're able to involve the concrete side from the very beginning, in helping lay out their backyard, and in asking what features they're looking for especially in the outdoor living space.

Kimberly - So when you're getting ready to create an outdoor living area that includes a pool, you're only thinking about the finished products, which is lounging by your beautiful pool once it's done, but there's a process to getting there, and there's some things that homeowners need to expect and be prepared for.

Doug - Once we understand what they're looking for, and we designed their backyard with a rendering, it helps them visually see what we're putting together in their backyard, and then we go over the construction process. It's not always fun, but they can understand from day one that we're bringing in heavy machinery. You know it's not a clean process, but we do the very best that we can to minimize impact, and you know and get our equipment in, get construction going, and - and finish up their project in a timely manner.

Kimberly - So what is the timeframe from start to finish once you have confirmed the design that the homeowner wants.

Doug - So once we have them on our schedule and we show up to dig, they can expect anywhere from three to four weeks turnaround from start to finish, including concrete, from the start of the project until the finish of the project.

Kimberly - That's not bad at all.

Doug - Yeah, I think we're one of the more efficient pool builders out there from start to finish, in getting in, getting the project completed to their standards, and then you know, getting out so they can enjoy their backyard.

Kimberly - Well you guys have invested in a lot of technology too, such as that 3D imaging that allows a homeowner to see exactly what their backyard is going to look like before you start digging.

Doug - Yes, I mean that's - that's hugely beneficial for the customer to be able to see their backyard on a sheet of paper, in 3D. We can take them on the TV screen, and we can scroll around, let them see different angles, and actually let them see what their backyard is truly going to look like.

Kimberly - And one of the nice things about that, is you have all the pools that you've done over the years, and you have beautiful pictures as well. If they're not sure what direction they want to go with their outdoor living area you can kind of help guide them through that process.

Doug - Sure, yeah. I mean we have - we've done tons of pools. We have lots of experience, we can help give our suggestions, what we think is going to turn into a great project. We can even take them to another project to show them, if it's something that they're looking for.

Kimberly - And Doug, you guys are building a lot of pools all over Middle Tennessee, so once they have that design what's the lead time before you begin their project.

Doug - So once we have their design, we go ahead and we order the pool shell, and the equipment, they're looking at anywhere from 12 to 16 weeks before we start the install process.

Kimberly - Well that's perfect timing right, if they called you today…

Doug - Right yes, they can have a pool by - by summer.

Kimberly - Yeah, yeah. 4th of July party at their house.

Doug - That's right.

Kimberly - Well thank you so much Doug, we really appreciate it.

Doug - Well thank you very much for having me.

Kimberly - We'll be back with more My Southern Home in just a moment.