Video - Billabong Splash Barrier Reef Pool || Red River Pools

Looking for curves? We challenge you to find a pool with more curves than the Billabong Splash.

The Specs: Size (13’ Width x 27’ Length) / Depth (3’7” Shallow End to 5’6” Deep


Ross Moore | Owner Red River Outdoor Living & Landscapes - Hey guys, this is Ross with Red River Pools. Hey today we wanted to show you a new pool we got on the yard, this is the Billabong 27 Splash. It's a 27 foot long pool. We've shown you a lot of pools that are rectangular. Nice clean lines. This pool's got curves. If you're looking for a pool with curves, you'll be hard-pressed to find one with more curves, than this Billabong 27. It's got multiple entry points all around the pool. We've got a set here, seating ledge that you can step out of. Got a big, nice wide set of stairs here. It's got a tanning deck, entry point there. It's got another big seating ledge on this end. The whole end is a curved seating ledge. It's got this step up ledge all the way around it. It's a great fun pool to play in. Like I said, with so many seating ledges and entry points, it lends itself to being positioned many, many different ways in your yard, and your landscape. It's a great pool for incorporating in an organic shape landscape, you know, you can position boulders in these curves, you can have beds. On this particular pool we're going to inset a spa. It's going to be raised up on one of these inside corners here and spill over into the pool - into this pool. So there's a lot of fun things you can do with these curves. If the Billabong 27 Splash is something you'd like to see in your backyard, give us a call at Red River Pools. We're in Paris, Texas 903-739-2365.