Design Your Backyard Livingspace with a Fiberglass Pool

The Design Process

What can you expect when you purchase a fiberglass swimming pool?

Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools LLC does not install pools, we only manufacture them. As a manufacturer we choose to work with the best installers who have the experience necessary to install a fiberglass pool. Each pool project will be different, and each project will require a unique approach. The four aspects of each project that will remain constant are Inspiration, Design, Consultation and Construction.

What inspires you?

There is a reason you want a pool. Is it for the kids, to swim laps or to host parties? There are many reasons you may choose to install a fiberglass swimming pool. It is important for you to relay that inspiration to your installer. This will help the contractor to better create the outdoor oasis you have always imagined.

Design options for your lifestyle

When the inspiration strikes it is time to choose a design. We have a complete line of pool styles and designs to fit any taste. From straight lines, free-form, classic Romans, and kidney shapes, we have the perfect pool for your family. We pride ourselves on our unique design options and the features our pools integrate as standard options.

How do you choose the perfect pool for you?

To some a particular model will speak out and just ‘feel right.’ To others an overall game plan will need to be considered before choosing. The first thing to think about is how you will use your pool. You should consider the size, placement, and the living space that is going to be around the pool. Your local Barrier Reef dealer will come out to your home and assist you in planning and designing your new pool and outdoor living space.

Have fun in your completed pool!

Once you have shared your inspiration, chosen a design and have been consulted on the process for installation there is one last step. That is the installation itself. Each project will be different and require time to complete. Once installed and running your fiberglass pool has been designed to bring many years of pleasure and fun to you and your family. At Barrier Reef we build great pools designed to enhance your ownership experience over time.