pool-in-backyard-BLOGWhat’s your vision for your backyard? If you’re thinking about one of our fiberglass pools, then that’s what you need to start asking yourself.

Is your dream backyard retreat inspired by Greek and Roman sculpted gardens? Pick the Milano or one of the Grande’s and pair it with columned pillars and topiaries like juniper sky pencils. Want to go for the ultimate in Mediterranean luxury? Then have your Barrier Reef retailer install an Oval spa right next to your pool. The spa can be set higher than the pool and a spill-over or sheer descent can be created for a waterfall effect. Image yourself in your own little Mount Olympus, the warmth of the spa, the sounds of cascading water from the spill-over, and loyal minions fanning you and feeding you grapes from a platter. Okay, so by loyal minions, I mean your kids who may have been bribed, but still… it paints a tempting picture.

pool-in-backyard-BLOG2So what if the life of a Greek god and goddess isn’t your ideal? If you are the type to prefer a naturalized lagoon setting, consider one of our free form or lagoon pools paired with a variety of perennial palms and annual hibiscus. You can even take it up a notch with a fountain flowing into your pool. There are many pre-made varieties, or you can opt to commission a custom job to give your oasis a real jungle style waterfall. Now picture yourself resting on the bench seat of your Coral Sea pool, pina colada in hand, as you let the scents of tropical flora drift by you on the breeze. Ah, that’s the life.
We really do have a pool for every style and sensibility. Contact us to find your local Barrier Reef dealer for ideas and more pictures of backyard retreats we’ve helped create for others.

Jackie is writing to you from an autumnal and briskly cool Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. After writing this article, she looks forward to being treated like a Greek goddess even if it means bribing her husband and children.