Fiberglass pools are the newest technology to take the swimming pool installation market by storm. And because of this, there are many misconceptions that are associated with the installation process and about fiberglass pools as a product. As you do your research, speak with various types of pool installers, and get a feel for what is really happening with the fiberglass pool market. You will quickly learn that most myths about fiberglass pools are simply not true.

fiberglass swimming pools fiberglass pool

Myth #1 – Fiberglass pools will float or pop-up out of the ground.

Fiberglass pools pop out of the ground. This is one of the more blatant myths spread about fiberglass pools. In most circumstances, this is because the pool installer you may be talking with does not really know anything about the fiberglass pool installation process. There have been thousands upon thousands of fiberglass swimming pools installed throughout the United States and never has a Barrier Reef fiberglass pool floated out of the ground.

When doing your research, become proficient with the three types of in-ground swimming pools. The three types are fiberglass, concrete and vinyl liner. If a pool installer tells you that fiberglass pools could pose a high risk of popping out of the ground, then they are most likely being dishonest. At Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools, we work with highly qualified dealers in the Houston region that have the experience and the know how to get your fiberglass pool installed the right way the first time.

Myth #2 – Fiberglass pools are low quality.

There are several manufacturers that sell fiberglass swimming pools. Each has their own methodologies and techniques when it comes to the manufacturing and maintenance processes that go into how their products are built. Barrier Reef manufacturers the best and strongest pools on the market. Low quality or cheap, would be the last terms a person would use to describe a Barrier Reef pool.

Myth #3 – You are limited to just the pool.

Although each installer provides different levels of service, it’s common to see a Barrier Reef fiberglass pool as the centerpiece to a beautifully designed backyard livingspace. Additional features to enhance your pool space may include, stamped concrete or hardscaped stone pavers for decking, pool edge coping, shimmer colored pool finishes and lighting, spa jets, water and fire features, landscaping etc. With so many additional features to choose from, homeowners of all types can easily find a pool that fits with their budget and lifestyle desires.

Myth #4 – You shouldn’t install a fiberglass pools in colder climates.

Fiberglass pools have become a staple in the swimming pool installation market. Homeowners have several choices when it comes to the pool ownership experience and fiberglass pools are one of the best options available. A fiberglass pool can flex due to its tensile strength, which is a huge benefit when it comes to colder or more extreme climates. In some cases, a fiberglass pool is much more durable than any other type of permanent pool, such as concrete or vinyl liner. When maintained properly, a Barrier Reef fiberglass pool will provide years of relaxing and enjoyable fun, regardless of cold weather.

Myth #5 – Fiberglass pools are expensive and costly to maintain.

As mentioned earlier, there are three categories, fiberglass, vinyl liner and concrete pools. When you compare a vinyl liner pool to an equivalent fiberglass swimming pool installation project the initial cost will initially be higher for a fiberglass pool. In the long run, however, you will save more in maintenance and care, which makes the fiberglass pool more affordable.

A comparable concrete pool will initially cost more than a fiberglass pool and will take considerably longer to install. When properly maintained, a fiberglass pool will be cheaper to maintain over timer as well. When you combine the total cost of ownership with the highest quality manufacturing processes, a Barrier Reef fiberglass pool is the best choice for you and your family.

There are many myths out there, when it comes to fiberglass pools. Mostly, these rumors are spread by installers who don’t understand fiberglass pools, nor how to install them. We work with dealers all over the United States and they can educate you on the true benefits of owning a fiberglass pool.

To conclude, fiberglass pools will not pop out of the ground. A Barrier Reef fiberglass pool offers superior quality. You can make a fiberglass pool the centerpiece of your backyard livingspace, regardless of the size of the project and total expense. We have pools installed in all parts of the US, so climate has no adverse effects on our pools. Once you debunk all the myths around fiberglass pools, it will become obvious that a Barrier Reef fiberglass pool is the best choice for your in-ground swimming pool installation project. To learn more about our in-ground swimming pools please contact us and we will have a dealer contact you to discuss your project requirements.