Friends have noticed a glow about you. Family members have commented on the pure joy and excitement radiating from you. They all want to know your secret, the key you’ve found to bring you such an inner light. Go ahead, tell them… You’ve finally decided to get a fiberglass pool!

That’s right. No more sweltering summers, no more fighting the crowds at the community pool. Now is your time to find a little bite of heaven in your own yard. So now to the tough question… which one of our fiberglass pools will you pick? We’ve got so many different shapes and sizes to choose from, but don’t get overwhelmed. Just answer two questions:

1. How much available space do I have for a pool?

2. What’s the primary reason for getting a pool?

Okay, the first question may seem obvious, but you want to take into consideration how much space you want left over after the pool and deck have been installed. Also, it’s good to find out if your neighborhood has any sizing restrictions or if the city or county you’re in has any ordinances governing pools. Actually, your local Barrier Reef dealer should be able to help you get those answers.

Now, my second question might seem silly. You want a pool because pools are wonderful, they’re fun, and you need? no, you demand a piece of paradise for yourself! And all that is true, but what do you want to get out of your pool experience? Are you looking to create a healthier you? Well our Milano, Pacific style, and Grande shapes are great for exercise.

Were you picturing your backyard as the ultimate gathering place for friends and family to relax? Well, you might prefer the Pixie or Crispin. They make great “cocktail” style pools. Our new Coral series is great for people why aren’t fond of the classic rectangular shape but aren’t in love with the kidney shape, either. And then there’s the Daydream. Appropriately named, it’s our ultimate pool retreat combining plenty of room for swimming and laps with a spa and tanning ledge.

Still can’t decide? Just call any of us at your local Barrier Reef dealership. We would love to help.

Jackie is writing to you from the Myrtle Beach area in gorgeous South Carolina. As an avid watcher of the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, she has been a swimming pool enthusiast for most of her life.