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Everyone loves spending time in the swimming pool. There is something to be said about relaxing, getting your feet wet and sitting poolside with your favorite friends. A fiberglass pool can be a great way to create a special atmosphere for you to enjoy. When thinking about an in-ground swimming pool installation project there are several considerations like cost, space availability and the location of your installation to plan for.

How much do fiberglass pools cost? That differs from region to region and shipping can impact the total cost as well. This is one of the main reasons we use fiberglass pool distributors. Distributors maintain a selection of fiberglass pools, which are shipped from our manufacturing facility in South Carolina to their pool yards. This makes the pools more readily available and helps to keep the cost down. With several financing options available, it’s now easier to get into a fiberglass pool than ever before.

Backyard space availability is an important factor. Do you know how much square footage you have to work with? If not get prepared because we have a variety of fiberglass pools in different sizes and forms to fit most backyards. It’s also important to visualize the extras that can go with your new fiberglass pool such as decks, hardscapes, firepits, water features, pavilions and so much more.

Location plays a critical role when deciding to install a fiberglass pool. Some cities have very specific regulations for installing pools. These can be different from city to city in the region. Most installers already know these restrictions and can help you get whatever paperwork in order that you may need. It’s also important to have a survey of your backyard space done to determine possible hazards underneath the ground where the fiberglass pool will go.

Cost, space and location are important factors to consider when installing a fiberglass swimming pool. Don’t worry, we work with highly qualified swimming pool contractors and they should be able to guide you through the entire process. From getting financing, initial site design and working with local municipalities to get your fiberglass pool installed and ready for fun. For more information please visit our Fiberglass Pools St. Louis page here.

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