Review of Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools (Pricing, Warranty, and Models)

Posted on Tuesday, January 15, 2013. Many thanks to Marcus Sheridan of River Pools & Spas.

Over the years, we at River Pools and Spas have carried a variety of fiberglass pool lines, mainly due to the fact that we’re always looking to stay on the cutting edge of the fiberglass pool industry for our customers and ensure we’re offering them the best products available on the market today.

Currently, we offer a few different lines at River Pools, with Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools being one of them. After having moved to this country less than a decade ago from Australia (where fiberglass pools are more popular than concrete pools), Barrier Reef(BR) has grown in a major manufacturer within the industry, serving the entire middle and eastern section of the United States, including parts of Canada.

That being said, we wanted to write an article showing our honest opinion of Barrier Reef, including their pros and cons, especially compared to other manufacturers in the fiberglass swimming pool industry. Here goes:


The biggest knock on BR in the past was their minimal selection of models for consumers to choose from, especially for those persons looking for bigger pools. For this reason, their owner Tony Walton, came out with the Coral Sea and Whitsunday models, both of which come in 3 distinct sizes, the largest of which is about 40′.

With the introduction of the Coral Sea and Whitsunday, Barrier Reef now has a much more competitive size and shape selection. Notwithstanding, their two main weak spots at this point comes down to two types of pools they do not offer: Roman End models and Diving Pools.

Once BR is able to produce models to meet those two needs, there range and selection should make just about any fiberglass pool consumer happy.


Within the fiberglass pool industry, the majority of manufacturers are within 15% of each other when it comes to pricing. Because most don’t sell directly to the consumer, in order to purchase a Barrier Reef shell you’ll have to find a dealer in your area, and then figure out what type of package you want to buy, as there are Do-It-Yourself options, basic installations, and turn-key installations provided by most builders. Also, keep in mind that shipping expense will affect the cost of your pool shell, as Barrier Reef’s current facility has the pools shipping out of South Carolina.


As per their website, the Barrier Reef warranty is as follows:

Barrier Reef Pools warrants its fiberglass pool shell to be structurally sound for the life of the pool. The term “Structurally Sound” shall mean that the pool is capable of containing water. This warranty shall be for the benefit of the original purchaser and one time transferable to a subsequent purchaser. Please see full warranty for all conditions.

Barrier Reef Pools finish coat or gelcoat is warranted for a total of 15 years.


All these factors being considered, we at River Pools and Spas believe strongly in the Barrier Reef product. Furthermore, we feel the owner of the company, Tony Walton, is one of the classiest individuals in the industry and truly cares about making a quality pool that’s built to last. Not only that, but the pools are built strong. Our company has installed hundreds of these pools and we’ve had very, very few issues, as the shells are built thick and installations are usually very smooth every time.

In your case, if you can find a Barrier Reef model that fits your needs, and there is a qualified installer of the product in your area, then you’ll likely be very happy with your choice in the long run.