In-ground Fiberglass Swimming Pool Construction


Tony Walton heads up the Barrier Reef operation. The company has a combined 70 years experience within the fiberglass swimming pool industry and is highly respected for its wealth of knowledge and industry experience.

Quality Control is what Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools has built its reputation on and it’s due to this dedication, combined with the loyalty of our team that has seen us become one of the world’s leading fiberglass pool manufacturers.

With an ongoing commitment to training in the latest technological advances and customer service procedures, we will continue to provide an excellent experience for all our customers.

“As a team, we will maintain manufacturing the highest quality fiberglass pools available in the marketplace, using only the most superior materials. To continue to grow our support network of distributors, building stronger and long lasting relationships with our dealer network. And, remain committed to providing only the best service and quality product to our clients”.


tony walton ceo barrier reef

Tony Walton – Founder / Owner

caroline walton barrier reef pools

Caroline Walton – Production Scheduling – Sales Leads

Since arriving here from Australia in 2003 I have worked for Barrier Reef Pools, moving three times as the company progressively got bigger. My main job back then was keeping track of all pools that arrived from Australia and I did this by creating my ‘pool bible’ which even had delivery and payment info in it.

In the last 4 years since beginning production ourselves, I took on the job of scheduling the pools for production. As well as that, I forward all sales leads (online and telephone) to the correct distributor or dealer. I’m eagerly looking forward to what the summer brings!

larry gilmore barrier reef poolsLarry Gilmore – CFO

1. Attended N.C. State University
2. Served in U.S. Air Force from 1961-1965 as an Air Traffic Controller
3. Chemical Financial Corporation from 1965-1988…Senior Vice President
4. Clayton Mobile Homes from 1988-1991…Vice President
5. Oakwood Homes from 1991-2001…Chief Executive Officer of Oakwood Acceptance Corp.
6. Manufactured Home Outlets….2001-2004….Vice President and Partner
7. Barrier Reef Pools…2005-Present…Chief Financial Officer

rusty houston barrier reef poolsRusty Houston – Plant Manager

Passion, Energy and Commitment to customer care. That is what I have experienced being a member of the Barrier Reef Team. I started my tenure in January ,2014. A company that came to me highly recommended by other affiliates of the pool industry.

I have been in the recreational industry for over 35 years. I spent the last 25 years in fiberglass boats including manufacturing, wholesale and retail operations. Allowing me to gain education in all areas of consumer satisfaction. My position here at Barrier Reef as plant manager gives me the privilege of being a part of the winning ways created before me.

My experience is quality management and customer care. My accomplishments have included continuing process improvement and efficiencies. Listening to and fulfilling customer needs has and always will be at the highest level of priority for me. As in the past, my goal here at Barrier Reef is to help produce a high quality Pool that everyone will enjoy!

hart mahek barrier reef pools usaHart Mahek – Transportation – Safety – Social Media

I have worked in several different manufacturing industries since leaving the Army in 1989 and in various positions in Production, Quality and Safety. Coming from various manufacturing industries to be a team member at Barrier Reef Pools has been a very positive experience for me in several ways. I think the most positive way is what we provide to our customers. I mean what is made here can enrich peoples live. It can bring families together to have fun while enjoying each other’s company, which in turn becomes a rich source of fond memories.

It really beats being in the appliance, cable and wire, plastic and paper industries in that sense. Also the atmosphere and culture with other team members is like family. Sure we work hard! But we also experience good times such as the annual Christmas Dinner where the owner goes all out to insure it’s great! Another positive is the growth of the company and being a part of that is something that instills pride in all that we do.

kylie-bradburn barrier reef pools usaKylie Bradburn – Administrative Assistant

I have been with Barrier Reef since March 2007. A lot of people ask, “What do you do at Barrier Reef?” I always say a little bit of everything… I do everything from the payroll, to shipping out Waste Acetone, to writing the serial numbers on pools… But I have to say I love it!

I started with the company when Tony and Caroline were located in Savannah, GA and there were only 3 other employees. Barrier Reef had a yard and we would receive pools from the Savannah Ports. (It would take 50 days from port to port). In May 2009, I moved with Barrier Reef to Timmonsville, SC. (and to be a little closer to my family in Greenville, SC). It has been amazing watching the company grow and as of right now, Barrier Reef has over 40 employees… I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Barrier Reef Pools!

rocky barrier reef fiberglass pools“Rocky” – Professional Delivery Driver

I’ve been a professional delivery driver for over 35 years. I have loved every minute and have been in all 50 states and Canada. See you soon!