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Which is best for you, a fiberglass, vinyl or concrete swimming pool?

We believe it’s a fiberglass pool. In-ground fiberglass pools are extremely popular all across the USA and it’s important to know several reasons why. When you are researching which pool type to have built you should think about these six benefits of a Barrier Reef fiberglass pool.

Quick Pool Installation

In-ground swimming pools can be some of the quickest types of pools to have installed. Depending on the location of your property, you can have a fiberglass swimming pool installed in as little as a few days. When compared to vinyl and concrete pools they typically require no less than a few weeks to install and often months.

Pricing Information

Our Barrier Reef fiberglass pools are generally more affordable when compared to concrete and vinyl in-ground swimming pools over the life of the swimming pool. Don’t be to concerned about cost, there are plenty of financing options.

Modern Styles and Components

Our fiberglass pools offer unique design features such as integrated tanning ledges, safety rails, and wrap around seating which will accommodate any style requirements.

Easy to Maintain

When compared to concrete and vinyl liner in-ground pools, fiberglass pools by Barrier Reef are easy to maintain and keep healthy, giving you years of hassle-free in-ground swimming pool maintenance.

Flexible and Strong Construction

Fiberglass swimming pools, in most cases, are less expensive when compared to shotcrete pools but that doesn’t mean that you are skimping on quality. Our fiberglass in-ground pools are incredibly flexible and durable. This is one of the primary reasons our swimming pools are perfect for areas with unpredictable weather conditions.

Comfortable on the Skin

Concrete swimming pool surfaces have a bad reputation for scraping feet, knees, and hands. With a Barrier Reef fiberglass pool, this problem is a thing of the past. The surface of our fiberglass pools is smooth, which is great for children or persons with sensitive skin issues.

Final Thoughts on a Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pool for Your Family

In-ground fiberglass pools are the best alternative to any other type of swimming pool. In the long run they can be less expensive to maintain and they are easy to install. Taking all the fiberglass swimming pool benefits into consideration, it’s safe to say that a Barrier Reef fiberglass pool will be your best choice as a homeowner. Fiberglass pools are the way to go. If you would like to have a swimming pool installed in your backyard or even indoors, you should choose one of our fiberglass swimming pool models. We manufacture the best fiberglass pool designs, options and finishes available across the US.

Need more reasons to say Yes to Fiberglass? Yes, you can install an in-ground fiberglass swimming pool indoors and keep it heated for those chilly winter nights. Yes, you can have a salt water system in a in-ground fiberglass pool. Salt water systems are efficient and can help lower the total cost of ownership over time. Yes a fiberglass pool is safe and fun for kids. Fiberglass swimming pools have no rough edges and have a smooth surface. Yes, a fiberglass pool can be installed in a matter of weeks not months. Our pools come pre-formed as one heavy duty shell ready to go into the ground. So, no complex wall construction or concrete design. And, YES a fiberglass swimming pool by Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools is perfect for you and your family. With financing options available and a variety of model options to choose from our fiberglass pools are perfect for most homes. Get into your own in-ground fiberglass swimming pool now!

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