Additional in-ground swimming pool equipment you should have for your pool.

Once your pool installation project is complete there are a few additional items you should consider for both safety and convenience. Swimming pool ladders, fencing and pool covers provide many benefits to the pool owner and should be considered for every in-ground swimming pool project.

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Swimming Pool Ladders

Swimming pool ladders are a standard requirement for most swimming pool installation jobs and are a convenience for the user of the pool. You can find a swimming pool ladder on almost every type of swimming pool, concrete, vinyl liner and fiberglass.

Ladders play an important role because they are used to get in and out of the pool and are usually positioned strategically around the pool. Most pools have one or two sets of stairs. A swimming pool ladder is essential a necessity for any swimming pool project. For most pools, without a ladder, it would be a constant hassle getting in and out of the water.

For both in-ground and above ground pools, you can find a variety of different ladders available for purchase. The materials used for the ladders are available in vinyl, aluminum, plastic and stainless steel. Ladders don’t cost a lot of money and they help to simplify getting in and out of your pool, so they are a wise investment and make the pool more fun.

With a Barrier Reef fiberglass pool, the stairs of the pool are pre-molded into the pool shell in a variety of locations around the pool, so there is no need for traditional swimming pool ladders. In some cases, we recommend swimming pool handrails for the main entry stairs but they are not required. Handrails can be useful for children, elderly and other users of the pool.

Pool Safety Fence

Swimming pool safety fences are a requirement in most states. Finding a fence installation company can be as simple as doing a Google search and making a call. Most pool installers can provide a fence or can recommend a good fence installation company to make sure you get the best fencing for your pool project.

When you are considering a pool fence there are few things that should be considered such as how long does the fence need to be, how high and what material is the fence made of. Length and height requirements can vary from state to state and in various city municipalities, so be sure to check with your pool installation company or local inspector on the local rules that apply for your specific installation.

Pool fencing comes in many materials such as wood, metal, iron and aluminum. The most popular type is the aluminum fence because it’s cheap, durable and quick to install. In general, it’s recommended to choose a fence type that matches your backyard pool-scape design, while meeting specific safety requirements.

Like all swimming pools a fiberglass pool should have a fence around the perimeter of the pool at a minimum. In some cases, the fencing may also require specific signage displaying the dangers of a pool.

Swimming Pool Covers

Covers for your swimming pool help keep your pool free of debris and keep it clean while not in use. Other benefits include reduced maintenance and water evaporation, better insulation and heat retention, reduced chemical usage, as well as keeping most unauthorized animals, people and other objects out of the pool water. The right pool cover can pay for itself over the course of its life when used appropriately.

Pool covers come in several different materials such as net, mesh, vinyl, and others. Pool covers are very popular, as they offer a tight-fitting barrier around the surface of the pool and can also provide an amazing source of security. Additional pool cover options can also include integrated open and closing systems to extend and retract the cover and solar features to reduce heating costs. Not all pool covers are created equal so be sure to discuss the benefits and the cost of a pool cover system with your pool installation company.

Barrier Reef has collaborated with several swimming pool cover manufacturers to ensure all Barrier Reef fiberglass pools have pool covers to fit the specific requirements of our pools. However, some pools are built with water falls, lighting features and other design options which make a standard pool cover impossible to create. For those projects, a custom pool cover can easily be crafted to meet your pool-scape design.

If you’re considering an in-ground fiberglass swimming pool project your Barrier Reef fiberglass pool dealer will provide you with all the pertinent information needed for your backyard pool-scape design. In some cases, your pool project may require handrails, safety fencing and a pool cover. Don’t worry these are accessories that most pool types require for safety and convenience. Contact us today to speak with a dealer in your area to start planning your pool project today.