Client Testimonials


We talked to one or two people before we came in here to see Alex. The guys we talked to didn’t seem terribly interested in installing pools, they wanted to service them. We did a drive by here on Sunday, when they were closed, and what we noticed was the nice display and we noticed all the colorful beach chairs out front. It just spoke to enthusiasm, happiness and friendliness. We told Alex we were building a brand new house and our budget was stretched with the house, so we needed to be real cautious with how we did our pool. He came out and helped us measure the backyard because we have some setback restrictions from the golf course that we had to follow. Some pretty strict guidelines that the home owners association set up. These guys came out and helped us turn the pool a different way so that we could get the fencing in as well. Very patient, I must have changed my mind on the pool and what we were going to put in it, like we put the ceramic turtles in the bottom of the pool. Every time I made a change I would either email him or call him and he’d say “no problem, we’ll take care of that”. I go out on our back porch, around the deck, around the pool and these guys at Barrier Reef put a nice cool deck on top of the concrete for us. Just beautiful out there, so people enjoy just going out and having a Margarita sitting around our pool with the water jets flowing. But it’s also a magnet for the grand kids. They live up in Wisconsin, so it’s pretty easy for them to jump on a plane in Chicago, get off the plane in Myrtle Beach, come over and jump in grandma’s and grandpa’s pool. So from the installation crew, to the price, to the salesman, to the management of the company, to the front desk these people are all class A. Always a big smile, it’s never a problem, always happy to see you. They deserved our business so we were pleased to give it to them.

My children and grandchildren come down and visit me here, in Myrtle Beach, probably a couple of times a year, and we all get together around the pool. I have a fire pit right beside the pool and we do our smores and everything. It’s just a great family gathering spot. The pool we selected was large enough that I can sit 10 people around it, and we just have a great time swimming. My wife and I use it in the summer time, we use it every day. We’re in the pool in the evenings when she comes home from work, we just take a swim. It’s just a wonderful place to be. Fiberglass to me seems to be something that’s very durable, it’s going to last my lifetime anyway. And the thickness of the Barrier Reef pool, when I compared them to some of the others that we’d looked at, was just a little bit thicker and seemed to be a much better quality pool. And I was just really impressed with the way their people handled themselves with me, and with the quality of the work they did installing the pool. They seemed to be concerned with a lot of the details. The biggest thing to me though, I think anybody can really put a pool in the ground, but it’s after the sale has been made and the money has been paid. It’s how I get treated after that impresses me. And they just did a really good job after the sale of sticking with things and getting all the little details ironed out, to my satisfaction.

I did research online and I found fiberglass pools which is just what we were looking for. The reason why we were wanting to do the fiberglass pools was because the color choices look really, really cool. How you could have benches in the pool and everything, and the ease of the maintenance of the fiberglass was great. Right from the beginning it was pretty easy, once we decided on going with the Barrier Reef pool. From start to finish they came in, they were professional, the job was done quickly and amazing, it was really amazing. It’s been a little over a year now since we put the pool in, and we love it. We use it all the time. The drawback is it’s constant parties, so we constantly have people in the backyard and kids. And we’ve just been enjoying the heck out of it. One of the best things we ever did.

Well, I went looking for a pool anticipating getting one so I went to another place about two years ago, I kind of didn’t like that one. So I decided to just go to Barrier Reef. I think they’re wonderful, he showed me all the stuff I would need and safety measures for the ground around here. And my grandchildren, they love to swim. I just think I don’t want to have to go anyplace else to have fun and I don’t like driving to the beach all the time, so that’s just perfect. And the kids have something to do, I have a lot of grandboys. I think they did it very well for us, because we don’t really know that much about salt water pools and what have you, I think they explained it well for us. You just can’t beat having one, I’m telling you, if you have small children. And then the cover really fascinates me. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen an electric cover over a pool.

Every place we went there were few, if any, options for color. When we got to Barrier Reef it was endless color selections. That was a big feature because I was looking for a color that I liked, and nobody else could seem to do it. I knew after owning two vinyl liner pools, I said “No, I don’t want that”, because they just don’t hold up. I don’t care how well you take care of them. And the fiberglass is more durable and, again, the colors, the shapes. There was one small problem, but it wasn’t caused by Barrier Reef it was caused by the people who poured the cement. We actually contacted Randy when the problem showed up and we told him, my son and my two grandsons are coming down, I really would like to have this thing taken care of before they get here. It was taken care of. I can go in it any time of day or night. Sometimes I wake up in the morning at five o’clock, I can come out here and jump in the pool if I wanted to. And at night I can come out here and lay back and watch the stars and the moon. It’s just great anytime, day or night. And we can have friends over whenever we want. And we can also shut the gate and say, “we’re not at home” and be in the pool.

Steve of Paradise Pools, Brick, New Jersey installed our pool two weeks ago! We love it and the installation was flawless!!!!!! Pictures to follow! – Best Regards, Tammy W.